Helen Lee Warren, AFCIA Chairperson
MA 1992

The American Foundation for The Courtauld Institute of Art (AFCIA) was created in 1985 to promote and support the study of art history and the conservation of works of art — recognizing The Courtauld as the premiere academic and cultural institution for art history with a world-renowned gallery at its heart — and acknowledging the critical contributions of Americans to this work.  The AFCIA’s purpose is very much aligned with The Courtauld’s founding vision — a belief in the power of art as central to the human experience.

Although based in London at Somerset House on the Strand, The Courtauld Institute of Art has important influence, impact, and reach here in the States.  Nearly a third of The Courtauld’s graduates come from the U.S. and return after their studies abroad to direct museums and galleries, curate, and teach, giving rise to an unparalleled network of Courtauld alumni in the American art world.

To increase The Courtauld’s profile in the U.S. and to actively raise funds in support of its mission, the AFCIA holds events in New York City and throughout the country, varying in scale from periodic lectures to behind-the-scenes, private tours of museums, art galleries, and artists’ studios.  These events are intended to foster a collaborative spirit and collegial energy, bringing together those who share a love of art, as well as their personal experiences at The Courtauld.

The AFCIA welcomes contributions to help support the American students who seek out this extraordinary institution for undergraduate and post-graduate studies in all areas of art history, as well as art conservation, museum studies, and the history of costume.  The AFCIA is an autonomous American 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an independent Board of Trustees.  Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible to the extent provided by U.S. law.


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